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Welcome to Maldives

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Maldives is an archipelago of 26 atolls located southwest of Sri Lanka. The islands are in the center of the ancient maritime trade route where east meets the west. Maldives was known by many sobriquets. Ancient seafarers called Maldives ‘the flowers of the indies’, ‘Pearl necklace of the Indian Ocean’
Maldivians share a homogeneous culture, language and religion. The origins of the people are believed to be of Dravidian descendants, now mixed with other ethnic Cultures that passed in through during the ancient times. Maldivians are also known as Dhivehin in local Dhivehi language, their friendliness and hospitality are exemplified by the distinct culture of songs and dance.
The pristine islands are a huge attraction for honeymooners who seek the seek to have an exclusive romantic and un-disturbing and cozy experience, with modern luxury at their fingertips. The rich warm waters beckon avid divers to explore the colorful coral forests and swim with its vibrant marine life. Maldives is every surfer’s dream of experiencing the endless days of summer by surfing world class reef breaks throughout the year. Be it for business or pleasure, there is something for everyone in the marvelous Maldives.
The nation is a serious frontrunners to Eco-tourism.They have 26 protected areas including bio reserves. Protected marine species include corals, turtles, whale sharks and marine birds. Shark fishing is banned as it is one of the most important link for a healthy marine ecosystem. Maldives plans to offset all its carbon emissions by 2020.

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