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Cuisine Tours

“Indian Cuisine Tours is a reflection of the heritage of its people. It represents its historical developments, religious beliefs, cultural practices and above all, its geographical attributes”

In North India, Valley of Kashmir, exotic Persian gardens, terraced lakes and cool fresh air is lured withvegetarian-cooking aromatic fragrances of pine and saffron flowers. Walnuts and fruit orchards, morels and black cumin seeds grow in the wild. Cool climate for sheep and thus lamb forms the basis of many Kashmiri cuisines and dishes.
Long grain rice called Basmati grow in the foothills of the mountains. This splendid rice variety is used to prepare sumptuous Biryani – a cuisine which is treated with various spices and mixed with chicken or lamb pieces and cooked for a long time in low flame.
If you travel south of Kashmir you come to States of Punjab , Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh where you find strong men and women and they love to prepare their dishes with clarified butter or ‘ ghee’ and love goat meat and chicken , fish made with spices. They also like vegetarian meals, love milk and various milk products which sweet meats, Lassi – churned yogurt. Etc. Bread is mainly a staple food.
The East and North Eastern people love Rice as it is abundantly available and depend more on sea fish, shell fish and river fish. They prepare various dishes and generally all households use mustard seed oil to make mouth-watering cuisines with various fish. Most popular being the “ Rohu” and “Hilsa” variety of river fish cooked with simple spices like grounded mustard seed paste made with yogurt , salt and turmeric. North east India is ideal for cultivating tea and hence you find vast tea gardens here – Darjeeling tea being popular all over the Country and the World over.
In South West India lies Maharashtra, Goa and Malabar which has tropical climate and monsoon rains makes it wet and humid most of the time. Rice is staple food. Fish like Pomfret is popular though shell fishes like Shrimps, prawn , crab, lobsters are also very popular and abundantly available and consumed.
Down South, you come to the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu where Rice is again staple food and a variety of spices which are grown here are loved by all and found in their lentil preparations and other cuisines like Dosa , Coconut Rice etc.
The other main typical cuisines available are those which come from the state of Gujrat and also Konkan areas.
Religion plays a great role and hence Hindus and Jains do not pork , Muslims who came into India 900 years ago do not eat Pork and some Hindus and Jains do not even use garlic and onions in their food.

Major spices grown and used in India are :

Bay leaf , Cardamom, Carom, Cumin seeds, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander, fennel, fenugreek, ginger powder, mace, mango powder, mustard, poppy seeds, turmeric, Pomegranate, red pepper, tamarind, saffron and garlic.

Indian Cuisine Tours can be classified in following major varieties. One can address a Cuisine or delicacy by quoting these names :

1. Kasmiri
2. Punjabi
3. Avadhi
4. Rajasthani or Marwari
5. Bihari
6. Bengali
7. Assamese
8. Odisha
9. Gujrati
10. Goanese
11. Keralite
12. Hyderabadi
13. Parsi
Our Cuisine Tours are based on an opportunity to actually visit various parts of India and travel through states from North to South and East to West and actually get a taste of the food locally. We are sure it would be great to savor a Lamb preparation in Kashmir or a Cottage Cheese dish in Punjab or a Hyderabadi Biryani in Hyderabad !!
Give a great treat to yourself through our un-imitable Gastronomic Holidays which could be with basic food servings or very posh high end cuisine tours in offer. Learn how to cook from our master chefs , enjoy the food and carry home some exotic spices which you could buy from India.

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