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Temple and Cultural Tours

India is mystical and the phrase “ Incredible India” proves right so. The Country istaj-umaid-bhawan-palacereplete with various Temple and Cultural and traditions since ancient times which isgenerally influenced by religion and caste etc. Amazingly, the hundreds of years of Moghul and British influence did could not alter Indian Cultures at home and outside on the street. The major religion followed in India is Hinduism and Islam though there are several other religions like Christianity , Jainism , Buddhism and other which the subjects are free to preach and follow. The cultures are generally unique with each religion and hence if one checks upon a Hindu, he / she would find that more or less the culture they follow is similar throughout the Country. The food habits also change with culture. In small towns and villages, you would still find people at home squat on the floor when they dine.
Based on various Temple and Cultural , people participate willingly in festivals which includes Idol worship in Hinduism , folks dances, sacred rituals, adorning traditional clothes both by men and women , fasting for a day. Such festivals are seen in diversified moods and presentation when you travel from North to South and East to West. To name a few, Durga Puja in the East, Baisakhi in Punjab, Ganguar Festival in Rajasthan , Onam in Kerala in the south.
Enchanting cultural India will welcome you anytime of the year and you would return home with an awe to come back and understand it more.

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