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Welcome to Rare destinations

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Rare destinations

RH/Rare destinations

Handpicked Rare Destinations
“We bring you amazing rare and new destination which has hitherto been un-explored and yet unique in themselves and stylish. Great places for all those who are discerning travelers”

* Goa – Aashiyana Lakhanpal , Villas & Casinhas
* Himachal Pradesh – Niralaya , Violet Hill – Mashobra
* Kerala – Niramaya Retreat, Coconut Lagoon, Maraikulam Beach, Spice Village, Brunton Boatyard,
* Ladakh – The Ultimate Travelling Camp
* Madhya Pradesh – Bagh Tola, Sarai at Toria, Forsyth Lodge & Singinawa Jungle Lodge
* Maharashta – Swasara Lodge
* Pondicherry – Villa Shanti
* Punjab – Punjabiyat , near Amritsar
* Rajasthan – Rass, Devigarh Fort, Manvar Resort, Shahpura Bagh, Aman Bagh, Aman- I Khas, Chatra Sagar Resort
* Uttarakhand – Aalia- on tge Ganges, Atali Ganga,Jim’s Jungle Retreat, Corbett, Mary Burden Estate, Ananda on the Himalayas
* Bengal – Glenburn Tea Estate
* Tamil Nadu – Visalam – Chettinad
We keep on exploring more and more places as above and will bring them to you.
Additional Rare Destinations
Nepal – Tiger Mountain Pokhra Lodge
Sri Lanka – Mangrove Escapes
For more details on Holidays , Weekend Getaways on all above, please visit the Tour Pages

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