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Wildlife tour operators

RH/Wildlife tour operators In India

Incredible India has 88 national parks and 490 wildlife sanctuary, which wld1constitute about 4.7% of the entire country. India currently has 12 biosphere reserves that aim to conserve the diversity of ecosystems and promote research into ecological conservation.
National parks and sanctuary are a major tourist draw card. Wherever possible, book your wildlife tours in advance for transport and accommodation for better wildlife tour operators services. Most parks offer jeep or van to wildlife tour inside the parks; some have boat trips or elephant safaris to approach wildlife tours more discreetly. Watchtowers and hides are also sometimes available and are ideal for observing wildlife tour close up.
India is one of 12 so-called mega diversity countries which together account for up to 70% of the world’s biodiversity. It’s the only country in the world that is home to both lions and tigers. Assam has India’s largest population of the one-horned rhinoceros. The snow leopard, which is found in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Other animals on the list include the barasingha (swamp deer), the tortoise and the Ganges river dolphin, Indian elephants in the wild and many more.
The Gulf of Kutch where the desert merges with the sea. Flamingos with brilliant, pink plumage come here in their thousands to build nest mounds from the mud, and then raise their young. India is just one among many extraordinary sights in a country that can claim one of the world’s richest natural heritage.
The Himalaya harbours a particularly hardy range of creatures like yak, the two humped Bactrian camel, which inhabits high altitude dunes, a wild sheep. the bharal (blue sheep), the kiang (wild ass). Other Himalayan inhabitants include black and brown bears, marmot, mouse-hare and musk deer. When it comes to mystique, none of these animals matches the snow leopard. The endearing but very rare red panda in habits the bamboo thickets of the eastern Himalaya where it feeds on bamboo shoots, fruit, leaves and insects.

Major Wildlife Tour Parks in India

Chambal River Sanctuary
Jim Corbett Park
Ranthambore Park
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Panna National Park
Bandavgarh National Park
Bandipur Park
Dudhwa National Park
Pench National Park
Kanha National Park
Kaziranga Rhino Park
Sasan Gir Park for Asiatic Lions
Sunderbans Park
Nagarhole National Park
Periyar Sanctaury

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